Mission & Vision


  • To establish ourselves as a world class institution and as a centre of excellence in teaching & research, producing professionals of outstanding calibres.
  • To be the fountainhead of new ideas and of innovators in technology and science.
  • To be an institution of international repute committed to the holistic development of individual and society.


  • To provide quality education to students in the areas of science, technology and produce engineers to satisfy the requirements of the industry and the overall needs of the society.
  • To create an ambience in which new ideas, research and scholarship flourish and from which the leaders and innovators of tomorrow emerge.
  • To infuse a sense of excitement among students in the discovery of new knowledge through innovative research that encourages entrepreneurship and economic development to benefit our global society.
  • To undertake collaborative projects which offer opportunities for long-term interaction with academia and industry.
  • To develop human potential to its fullest extent so that intellectually capable and imaginatively gifted leaders can emerge in a range of professions.


J P  Institute of Technology seeks to stimulate, nurture and develop professionals of the finest international calibre and foster creativity and growth for excellence. The institute has the following broad objectives:

  • To provide the best possible educational facilities for training students for the careers in technology and science.
  • To provide extensive knowledge of a particular discipline and relevant professional knowledge and skill, and respect for the principles, discipline, values and ethics of a chosen profession.
  • To provide a creative atmosphere in which higher studies and research thrive both amongst the students and the faculty.
  • To organize a short intensive courses, conferences and seminars on current technological developments which will be of benefit to the surrounding community.
  • To organize quality improvement programmes for faculty members from various Diploma colleges.
  • To provide leadership in curriculum design and development.
  • To conduct research activities focused on national priority areas in engineering and technology that will cultivate creative and innovative endeavours and promote economic development;
  • To establish linkages and mutual assistance with government, industry and other institutions in the areas of engineering education, research and extension services.