Being away from home doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t have food that tastes as good as the stuff dished out from mom’s kitchen. The students may not readily agree to that, but the fact is, at JPIT  you can have all kinds of food in the canteen.

In addition to satisfying one’s hunger and thirst, lot of serious discussion on topics of current interest happen here. You will find many students revising their interpersonal and communicative skills over a cup of tea, coffee or coke.

Hygiene is the top most priority in every section of the kitchen. There are separate areas for washing, cutting, storing and cooking and this ensures smooth running of all individual procedures. There is no compensation on the quality of food that is served.

Currently, each day of the week has a different menu but future plans call for a different meal for every day of the month. Takeaways are also high on the list. The topmost priority at the moment is to cater to the preferences of the students keeping in mind the nutrition value of food.

The mess activities are controlled by Student’s mess committee to ensure healthy food as well as timely service.