Lab Manual


Sr. No.SemesterName of Subjects with codeDownload
1I/IICommunication Skills – I (1601206/1602106)Download
2I/IIApplied Science (1601207/1602107)Download
3I/IIEngineering Mechanics (1601208/1602108)Download
4I/IIBasic Physics Lab (1601107/1602207)Download
5I/IIBasic Chemistry Lab (1601108/1602208)Download
6I/IIComputer Fundamental (1601109/1602209) Download
7I/IIBasic Workshop Practice (1601110/1602210)Download

Civil Engineering

Sr. No.SemesterName of Subjects with codeDownload
1IIISurveying Lab (1615306)Download
2IIIBuilding Construction (1615307)Download
3IVAdvance Surveying Lab (1615406)Download
4IVMechanics of Structure (1615407)Download
5IVGeo Technical Engineering Lab (1615408)Download
6IVHydraulics Lab (1615409)Download
7VTheory of Structure (1615506)Download
8VDesign of Steel Structure (1615507)Download
9VIrrigation Engineering Lab (1615508)Download
10VIEnvironmental Engineering (1615606)Download
11VIElective Paper (1615607)Download
12E-1Advance Construction Techniques & Equipments Lab (1615607A)Download
13E-2Maintenance & Rehabilitation of Structure Lab (1615607B)Download
14E-3Architectural Practices & Interior Design Lab (1615607C)Download
15E-4Earthquake Resistant Design & Construction Lab (1615607D)Download

Electrical Engineering

Sr. No.SemesterName of Subjects with codeDownload
1IIIElectrical Circuit and Network (1620306)Download
2IIIElectrical Measurements (1620307)Download
3IIIBasic Electronics (1620308)Download
4IIIElectrical Workshop Practice (1620309)Download
5IVD.C. Machine & Transformer (1620406)Download
6IVElectronic Construction & Repair (1620407)Download
7IVApplied Electronics Lab (1620408)Download
8VSwitchgear Protection Lab (1620506)Download
9VA.C. Machine (1620507)Download
10VElectric Traction Lab –I (1620508)Download
11VIndustrial Automation (1620509)Download
12VITesting & Maintenance of Electrical Machine (1620606)Download
13VIPower Electronic & Drives Lab (1620607)Download
14VIControl System Lab (1620608)Download
15VIElective Paper (1620609)Download
16E-1Electric Traction -II Lab (1620609A)Download
17E-2Maintenance & Repair of Electrical Equipment’s Lab (1620609B)Download
18E-3Microprocessor & Microcontrollers Lab (1620609C)Download

Mechanical Engineering

1IIIMechanics of Solid (1625306)Download
2IIIElectrical Engineering (1625307)Download
3IIIManufacturing Technology (1625308)Download
4IVThermal Engineering (1625406)Download
5IVFluid Mechanics & Machinery Lab (1625407)Download
6IVProduction Processes (1625408)Download
7VMetrology & Quality Control Lab (1625506)Download
8VAdvance Manufacturing Process (1625507)Download
9VIIndustrial Fluid Power Lab (1625606)Download
10VIElective Paper (1625607)Download
11E-1Alternate Energy Sources & Management Lab (1625607A)Download
12E-2Material Handling Systems Lab (1625607B)Download
13E-3Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning Lab (1625607C)Download
14E-4CAD-CAM & Automation Lab (1625607D)Download