Applied Science

About Department

Applied science is dedicated to lay the foundation of a student in the fundamental science like physics, chemistry, environmental studies professional skill, applied mechanics, engg. Graphics engineering math & computer skills etc. the well equipped laboraties & rich curriculcum provide sample opportunities to budding engineers to have hands on experience & inculcate scientific attitude among them.

Mr. Tinku Kumar Mehta

Mr. Tinku Kumar Mehta

Applied science department is headed by mr. Tinku kumar. Mehta.  He has 6 years teaching experience in the field of engineering & technology. He has completed B.TECH from A.U.TAMILNADU in mechanical engineering & M.TECH. From RGPV BHOPAL in thermal engineering. He has also attended one national conference & one national journal. He has an experience of conducting & organization of board exam.

Message from HOD

“ It is not the beauty of a building you should look at, it’s the construction of the foundation that will stand the test of time.

                                       The department of applied science , with our experimental & interdisciplinary learning method is designed not only to make the students well equipped for promising career opportunities thus increasing their overall employability , but also to imbibe them with a sence of understanding for value & ethics , a commitment to law and morality . an appreciation of human creativity and an analytical inquisitive mind. It is your commitment to make our students “stand out among the crowd” by not only being better professionals but also as better human beings.

                                     “scientific leaving is best achieved by doing science .”

Vision and mission

Vision:- department of applied science has a distinct vision to nurture & inculate knowledge & understanding of engineering science amongst the budding technocrats of the students with intellectual and professional strength.

Mission:- to play a pivotal role in laying the foundation of engineering education by building the professional strength of the students in basics science & engineering disciplines & strengthening the foundation of aspiring  engineers.


  • Applied physics
  • Applied Chemistry
  • Communication skill lab
  • Engineering graphics
  • Applied mechanics
  • Workshop practice

                    “ the only source of knowledge is the experience. ALBERT EINSTEIN.”

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