Industry-Institute-Interaction Cell (III cell)

Industry-Institute Interaction Cell (III-Cell)

One of the challenges in the present times is the rapid pace of technology which makes skills

obsolete at a greater pace before everyone else could learn from them. The excessive pace of

technological changes have emphasized the need to integrate technological knowledge & skills

in education and training to expand employable capabilities of a knowledge-based


The interaction between the Institute and the Industry is widely recognized as an essential

the requirement to train and develop the right kind of technical manpower necessary to sustain

and promote industrial and economic growth. III-Cell can be considered as the platform for

showcasing best industrial practices, latest technological advancements and their

implementation and impact on the Industry.

Objectives of III-Cell

  • To synchronize the quality of education to meet the trend of the industry.
  • To produce employable students i.e. “Industry-ready students.”
  • To conduct other value-added programs based on industry requirements.
  • To integrate industrial training and other inputs to develop students.
  • To offer research, development, consultancy and testing services to solve industrial


  • To share the experience and expertise between institutions and industry for mutual


  • To improve curricula, faculty, infrastructure, pedagogy in line with the industry’s


  • To develop a good work culture in students.
  • To organize lectures by experts from industry.


The Purpose of III-cell is to share the knowledge between industry and institute to equip the

students coming out of the institute to cater the needs of the industry with regard to the skill

competence and the trained manpower. Industries and Institutes are lying entirely in different

world activities. But the institution has to know the activities going on in the industries. An

the effective industry-institute relation would help to benefit to industry and institute by way of

sharing knowledge, training needs of the institute, project guidance and placement of students

and problem-solving in the industries through consultations. The platform of III-Cell will

provide the institute an effective communication with the industries that would develop a

perennial growth between the two in terms of technology up gradation and awareness.