Electrical Engineering

As there is rapidly growing need for Electrical Engineer to design, develop, operate & maintain new generation of equipments & appliances, the Electrical Branch has to produce Hi-Tech engineers who will help in the development of the nation by their theoretical as well as practical knowledge.

The faculty of the department is well balanced, qualified, motivated and dedicated to their work, having experience & expertise of up to 40years in the field of electrical machine & power system, teaching, research & development, design of electrical equipment and their maintenance, power system, control engineering, etc.

It is one of the core branches of engineering. They deal with electricity and power generation and transmission. Study of electrical machines, transformers, motors, and generators forms the major part of the curriculum. To handle the growing requirement of power in our homes, commercial establishments, cities and villages, mines, agriculture, railway, industries and other sectors the department imparts technical knowledge to cater to the needs of the industry. With its roots in science, electrical engineering is frequently to be found at the forefront of many new and exciting fields, such as neural computing and superconductivity.

Jobs offered are core electrical, production, repair, maintenance and development of electrical appliances or even planning and executing power houses.


The Department of EE is well equipped with hardware & software. Laboratory facilities include:

  • Basic electrical lab
  • Electrical Machine Lab
  • Measurement/Instrumentation Lab
  • Power System Lab
  • Computer Lab

Latest softwares like Matlab & Multisim are also available. The Department has qualified faculties with expert knowledge and foreign exposure to train the students not only in technical aspects but also in communication skills and interpersonal relationship.